Madi Watkins

Year Of The Knife’s Lineup Have Been Back To Practicing Together Lately


Months removed from this past June’s serious van accident, several members of Year Of The Knife recently found time to jam and rehearse together. That group share their roster with Damnations Domain, which this recent practice session was held for.

That offshoot includes all members of Year Of The Knife, albeit some tasked with different roles. In particular, Year Of The Knife‘s vocalist Madi Watkins is back on bass and guitarist/bassist Brandon Watkins takes on the vocal duties.

Year Of The Knife‘s roster were left with life-changing injuries after colliding with another vehicle near Salt Lake City this past June. Madi suffered serious brain trauma, a broken jaw, femur and ankle in the crash. Guitarist Aaron Kisielewski broke his femur and suffered a lacerated carotid artery. Drummer Andy Kisielewski suffered two broken ankles, while Brandon was left concussed and suffering multiple contusions.

Madi spent the next several months receiving multiple surgeries as well as cognitive therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy. She was discharged from the hospital this past September.

Brandon recently shared the following brief clip from the practice session. Despite being sidelined by injury, Year Of The Knife issued their new studio album “No Love Lost” on October 11th. That effort was recorded months in advance of their aforementioned accident, with all proceeds from it going towards the band’s recovery fund.

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