Norma Jean/Luti-Kriss

The Original Lineup Of Norma Jean/Luti-Kriss Recently Hung Out Together


The majority of the original lineup of Douglasville, GA metalcore outfit Norma Jean (and their earlier incarnation of Luti-Kriss) recently got together to enjoy a dinner and reminisce. The band’s former guitarist/vocalist Chris Day shared the below shot of himself taking in a meal with fellow alumni, Josh Scogin (vocals), Scottie H. Henry (guitars) and Daniel Davison (drums). As seen in the comments on the post made by Day below, bassist Josh Swofford was unable to attend due to other commitments. There didn’t appear to be word on the status of turntablist Mick Bailey.

For an added bit of fun, the comments also found ex-Every Time I Die guitarist (and bandmate of Davidson) Andy Williams triple dog dare the band to get back onstage together.

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