Sharon Osbourne Says ‘Greedy Managers’ Brought On The End Of ‘Ozzfest’


As unfortunate as it is, the days of the touring festival have fallen by the wayside when it comes to the metal and hardcore scenes. Long gone are the days of the marquee events like ‘Ozzfest‘ and the ‘Vans Warped Tour‘  which helped to define and provide a launching pad for their respective scenes on an annual basis.

Originally founded in 1996, the ‘Ozzfest‘ saw Ozzy Osbourne (and Black Sabbath) use their clout to establish the eventual touring festival, which helped to elevate the profile of numerous artists over the years, including System Of A Down, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Incubus, Fear Factory, Coal Chamber and many more.

While destination festivals under the ‘Ozzfest‘ banner were staged through to 2018, the traditional touring incarnation of the festival came to an end in 2007, with limited engagements following since.

Ozzy and his wife Sharon founded that festival, and recently reflected on it amid the eighth episode of their ‘The Osbournes Podcast‘. Speaking once again on why the festival eventually came to an end, Sharon offered:

“Yeah, it was a very weird beast because all the bands were our mates, but the managers were greedy and for some reason they thought that we were making billions on it and we weren’t. We made a profit. But it was not like — we couldn’t retire on it. And managers and agents wanted more and more and more, and it just wasn’t cost effective anymore. We stopped, because it just wasn’t cost effective.”

“Years and years ago, one of the bands — it was the second Ozzfest we did, or the third — wouldn’t go on stage until I agreed to give them 10,000 more dollars. And they were holding everything up, and I said, ‘Of course, of course I’ll give it you.'”

When asked by her son Jack to name the artist, Sharon revealed it to be Glenn Danzig, to which Jack replied, “Why are you gonna protect that twat?” Sharon relayed that she ultimately didn’t acquiesce entirely to Danzig‘s demands, offering, “They went on and played, and I went, ‘Fuck you. You signed a contract, your agent agreed it, and you’re just gouging.'”

Danzig appeared amid the first two ‘Ozzfest‘ events held in October of 1996, holding the third highest billing under Ozzy Osbourne and Slayer.

In the past, Osbourne singled out ‘Ozzfest‘ 2006 co-headliner System Of A Down as being one of the most financially demanding performers to play the festival. She was quoted as claiming the band required $300,000 a night to play the fest and would later tell press that the 2006 edition nearly bankrupted the fest due the guarantees and fees select artists commanded.


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