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Bad Wolves’ Doc Coyle Weighs In On Thy Art Is Murder Controversy


Bad Wolves/God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle has weighed in on the current divide that has engulfed Australian deathcore outfit Thy Art Is Murder. That band’s fan base have split into two camps amid their recent decision to fire their vocalist CJ McMahon and quickly move on with his replacement, Tyler Miller.

McMahon‘s much-publicized dismissal followed a a bout of controversy inflamed by his divisive views on gender identity. Thy Art Is Murder themselves asserted that McMahon‘s social media comments were but the latest in a string of incidents that led to his dismissal.

McMahon would go on to issue what he has since proclaimed to be a ‘forced apology’ over the ordeal. Adding some extra sting to the situation, McMahon‘s vocal parts for the band’s new album “Godlike” were re-recorded roughly a week prior to the recent release of the album and without advance notice to fans.

McMahon himself also claims to have not been informed of this change ahead of time, stating that he found out on social media. However, due to production lead times, the physical copies of the album still feature McMahon‘s originally recorded appearances on that record, leading to the band’s fractured fan base championing separate versions of the album.

Since the split, many of the band’s fans have been vocal across social media, either siding with the group or McMahon and often warring with each other in the process. Numerous accusations of succumbing to cancel culture and being ‘woke’ have, and continue to be lobbed at the band in the wake of the firing.

That situation is something Coyle is uniquely familiar with, having seen a similar experience play out in his own group Bad Wolves. That platinum-certified outfit had an infamous split with their vocalist Tommy Vext in the wake of Vext‘s expression on social media of his increasingly divisive political opinions and his views on conspiracies and race. Prior to his exit, Vext was also the defendant in a domestic violence lawsuit.

Vext was also alleged to have had a physical altercation with Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle ahead of the split. Ultimately, that situation resulted in dueling lawsuits between Vext and the Bad Wolves camp that were eventually resolved via a 2021 settlement.

However, while the public feuding between Vext and Bad Wolves largely abated following that settlement, a divide between the Bad Wolves fan base has festered over the years, with Vext recently calling for an end to it.

Speaking on the parallels between Bad Wolves‘ situation and that of Thy Art Is Murder, Coyle commented on the matter via his The Ex-Man With Doc Coyle‘ podcast. Here’s what he had to say:

“I feel like I have a very vested interest in this because it’s very similar to what happened with Bad Wolves and our former singer. We never fired him. We didn’t even have that power, so there are narratives that get out there that aren’t correct. But we were accused of the same thing, of canceling, and there are just a few things I want to put out there.

First of all, you know that piece of the puzzle. It’s like the iceberg and seeing the tip of it and thinking you know everything about it. But I want to reiterate, I don’t, you don’t, no one knows what’s going on behind the scenes with these bands.

So maybe you saw that one post and you go, ‘Well he shouldn’t be kicked out for that.’ And I’m like, ‘Maybe he’s a fucking asshole.’ I don’t know the guy. He might be a very nice guy. But sometimes, you know what, people in bands are assholes, they’re drug addicts, they’re alcoholics, they’re inconsiderate, they physically abuse people, they verbally abuse people, they’re unreliable, they don’t show up on time, they don’t do their job. There’s 50 fucking reasons you can be kicked out of a band.

If you are the singer in a deathcore band, I’m sorry, but your opinion, your negative opinion against trans people—I’m sorry, they’re not against trans people, they’re just trying to save the children—Where in the fuck in your job description is ‘saver of children’? You’re in a deathcore band. Don’t you sing about death and destruction, darkness and murder? But now you’re also saving the children, ok. I must have missed those songs.

The truth is, once you enter a conversation like that, and it’s some of what we dealt with, but now you are basically putting everyone you’re in a band with in the path of that backlash.

So when we were going through what we were going through with Tommy and the markers and anti-Black Lives Matter and all that stuff, I’m getting messages and emails from black fans and old friends, from family members. Every single dude in Bad Wolves, our parents were reaching out like what the hell is going on?

So who gives someone in a band the right to say things that affect everyone else in a band? And if you don’t care about that and you’re the mouthpiece of the band and you’re saying crazy shit, and hey listen, maybe you don’t think it’s crazy, that’s fine.

But saying things that are getting a lot of negative attention, if nothing else, it says to me that you don’t care how your actions affect other people around you, and how is that being in a band? Being in a band is being considerate of everyone else.”

He continued:

“I can’t imagine the guys in the band, what their inboxes look like right now, what the comments on their posts are. And it’s probably shit like, ‘You guys are pieces of shit,’ ‘I hope you die,’ ‘you’re nothing without the singer,’ blah blah blah, right, cause I went through that.

So you’re saying if I’m in a band, or there’s five people in a band and we don’t want to be in a band with X certain member, we’re not allowed to make that decision? You get to make that decision for us. We have to be around someone we don’t like because the anti-woke mob is going to come cancel us.”

Speaking further on the matter, he offered:

“These are people that have to live. So it’s like, ‘Oh, let’s destroy their career, let’s make it so they can’t eat.’ And I say this right now, if you’re gonna tell people we’re gonna make it so you don’t make money, so you can’t eat, so you can’t pay your bills, I’ll, to quote an anti-cancel culture warrior Dave Chappelle, is as to say akin to killing him, killing a man when you take away his right to earn a living or a woman for that matter…”

“We have to have an environment where bands can make decisions about what they want to do. But you go, ‘No, we’re going to make it so you’re homeless. We’re going to make it so you’re starving. Or we’re going to make it so you don’t have clothes,’ because we’re mad that our favorite singer’s not there. It’s fucking baby… there’s something vicious about it, where you think it’s your band. It ain’t your band. Just because you bought the record and you got the T-shirt, it’s not your band.”

“I’m just going to say this. The guys in that band, I feel for you cause I know what you’re going through right now and I hope you guys, your resolve is strong. I think they will probably have a better hand at things than we did cause they don’t have one person with way more power going at them viciously for some months and months and months and months on end…

if someone doesn’t want to be in a band with someone, it’s not your fucking business. If you like him, you go start a band with him. Why not? Go do it.”

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