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Khanate To Play First Live Show In Nearly Two Decades At 2024 ‘Roadburn Festival’


Khanate will be returning to the stage for their first live show in nearly two decades next spring. The group are the first band to be confirmed for the the 2024 edition of the annual ‘Roadburn Festival‘. The band’s set will take place April 20th, in Tilburg, NET as part of the annual fest.

The band commented:

“As a collective, Khanate has been silent during our dormancy, but now we will get loud; very loud. We’ll be returning to the stage to explore tension and the elasticity of time – at Roadburn 2024. Get dead.”

On track for a December 01st release are new vinyl reissues of the band’s first two albums, “Khanate” “Things Viral“. Pre-orders for both have been made available in advance through

Reflecting on those releases, guitarist Stephen O’Malley offered:

“We convened at a grimy practice space in Jersey City. The entire first album was tracked while we were finding our footing together with tones and meter, timing and tension. Reveling in that first fire of enthusiasm and new exploration, ambition was there from the first meeting. The self-titled album is a cruel beast—ugly, raw and extreme. But also full of new ideas and optimism as musicians. It climbed quickly.”

Drummer Tim Wyskida added:

Khanate had grown confident in the power of our ideas, which allowed us to dig more deeply into dynamics, detail, spaciousness and manipulation of time. This was a development from the first album, where we relied more heavily on muscle and volume knobs to give our newly birthed sound sufficient power. Things Viral is a favorite amongst the band and established many of the fundamental aspects of our sound which are in place to this day.”

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