Art Of Anarchy

Art Of Anarchy Return With New Lineup And Video Starring Cuba Gooding Jr.


Art Of Anarchy are set to give it a third go with the upcoming release of their next studio album, which will arrive in early 2024. This time around the band, who feature the brotherly duo of Jon (guitars) and Vince Votta (drummer), along with guitarist Ron “Bumbblefoot” Thal, have enlisted some new blood.

Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto (Sons Of Apollo, etc.) is among the latest to join the group, alongside bassist Tony Dickinson (SOTO, Trans-Siberian Orchestra). The latter replaces John Moyer of Disturbed fame.

A first single from this revised lineup, “Vilified“, debuted today (September 15th) via Pavement Entertainment. Disgraced Academy Award-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. appears in the video for this track. He commented of it:

“‘Vilified‘ is not a song, but a statement, a message, and a warning. It is a reflection of the many issues that are being brought to the forefront within our society. Mental illness, mass shootings, institutions, people being demonized without proper information or due process. ‘Vilified‘ will no doubt be one of those culturally significant rock songs that will speak to generations to come. Because in the end, we must fight against the urge to Vilify what we do not understand!”

You may recall that Art Of Anarchy‘s past two albums both ended in controversy and legalities. Originally forming with late Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland behind the mic, the release of the band’s debut album quickly went sideways, with Weiland exiting, claiming the group was a ‘scam’.

Dueling lawsuits followed, with the Votta brothers suing Weiland for $20 million for allegedly collecting a $230,000 advance to join the outfit and participate in the album’s promotional cycle. It was claimed at the time that Weiland had contractually agreed to those terms. Weiland however went to countersue the band and the legal disputes were eventually dropped in light of his December 03rd, 2015 passing.

The Art Of Anarchy core lineup then went on to relaunch the band with Creed vocalist Scott Stapp in the roster, releasing their sophomore album “The Madness” with him. However, Stapp would leave the outfit after a handful of shows, leading to another breach of contract lawsuit filed by the band’s camp, this time against Stapp.

Like Weiland, Art Of Anarchy alleged that Stapp had collected a $200,000 advance to join the outfit and then failed to live up to his contractual obligations. As of this past March, that $1.2 million lawsuit was ongoing.

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