TesseracTAndy Ford

TesseracT Premiere “Legion” Music Video


British progressive metal outfit TesseracT have debuted a music video for their new track, “Legion“. That video will lead them into this Friday’s (September 15th) release of their new studio album, “War Of Being“. Richard Oakes was hired on to direct the visual component for this track, which depicts the opening scene for the overall concept behind the album itself.

Vocalist Daniel Tompkins commented:

“Conceptually, ‘Legion‘ sets the scene by introducing ‘Fear‘ and its various cunning forms. Fear binds and restricts us from unlocking truth and obscures the paths that lay ahead in a deliberate attempt to skew our vision.

From the perspective of our two main characters (Ex and El), ‘Legion‘ sees ‘Fear‘ tearing the fabric of their lives apart, as they experience their world crumble whilst dealing with the chaos and confusion surrounding them.

The music video focusses on Ex‘s experience of the same chaos, taking hold of The Dream as it crashes on ‘The Strangeland’ — the introduction to the story of the War Of Being.”

The group have also seen fit to accompany this forthcoming album with a video game which further delves into the concept behind it, you can check that out via Steam.

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