The Requiem

The Requiem (Bloodbather) Sign With Fearless Records, Debut Two New Singles


The Requiem have signed with Fealress Records and dropped two new singles alongside the announcement. The gothic post-hardcore/screamo outfit, who feature Salem Vex of Bloodbather fame issued a video for their lead single “Diary Of A Masochist“.

They commented of that:

“Mostly inspired by the legend Elizabeth Bathory, ‘Diary Of A Masochist‘ speaks of someone who despises the skin they live in and does anything possible to change the way they see themselves, no matter how self-destructive or wrong it may be.”

As for “I’ll be Late For My Funeral“, the band offered:

“‘I’ll Be Late For My Funeral‘ is a song that tries to convey the feeling of someone who has been fighting against themselves their entire life. The title reflects the sentiment that some of us wouldn’t even show up for ourselves at our own funerals from the bad habit of always running away.”

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