Year Of The Knife's Madi Watkins

New Update Reveals The Many Challenges Year Of The Knife’s Madi Watkins Faces Following June Van Crash


A new update on the health and lengthy recovery process for the members of metalcore outfit Year Of The Knife and their vocalist Madi Watkins has been shared. The update details the health status of all members of the band, who each suffered injuries in a horrific van crash while on tour in Salt Lake City, UT this past June. That accident found the group’s van colliding with the backend of a semi-trailer truck.

In that update it is revealed that while Madi may soon be released from a healthcare facility in the Salt Lake City area, she still faces a long road of challenges. Given the severity of the various injuries she suffered, including multiple broken bones and significant brain trauma, transporting her back home won’t be easy. Likewise, her house is expected to need updates to make it more accessible to her.

As such, the update shared by the band’s camp yesterday, August 29th, renews calls for donations in light of the lengthy road to recovery Madi faces. You can contribute to their cause over at GoFundMe.

Madi is working really hard two times a day in occupational, speech and physical Therapy. She’s already had surgeries to fix her broken jaw, facial fractures, both femurs, pelvis and ankle. She has fractured and broken just about every bone in her body. She is working hard in PT. She is still not able to sit up or stand on her own. We have been working on standing her on her right leg only. She can’t put any weight on her left leg at all because of the broken femur, pelvis, ankle and fractured tibia.

This has been a challenge. She also has to be lifted out of bed in a sling to get her in a chair. She had her wires and bar removed from her mouth on August 24 and then her trach removed on the 25th. Enabling her to eat soft foods for the first time since the accident on June 28th. Hopefully her stomach peg tube will come out next.

The most troubling and challenging of her injuries is the trauma to her brain. Right now on the Rancho Los Amigos scale she is a Cognitive (persons thinking and memory skills) Level V – Confused, Inappropriate Non Agitated: Maximal Assistance. You can read more about the cognitive levels

Madi is silly most of the time but also gets upset and cries. In her condition she still worries about everyone else. She is the sweetest, kindest, strongest and most amazing person.

Madi may be released sometime soon. Though this is comforting to know, it also brings a lot of uncertainties. Getting her home will be difficult. As of now we have no idea if she will be able to walk or sit up on her own. She has braces on both legs and is still in a C collar. She is not able to do even the little things that we take for granted. When we do get her home she will be in a chair. The house will need updates to make it more accessible for her. They still do not have a car.

Aaron and Andy are both walking on crutches and doing okay.

Brandon is learning a lot about what he will need to do to help Madi once they do get home.

The funds raised continue to help the family with the costs involved. Every dollar donated makes a huge difference and we are so unbelievably grateful. Much love and thanks to you all.”

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