Year Of The Knife's Madison Watkins

Year Of The Knife Vocalist Madi Watkins Recently Underwent Surgery For A Broken Jaw, Will Be Moved From ICU Soon


Year Of The Knife guitarist/bassist Brandon Watkins shared an update on the health of his wife and bandmate Madi Watkins earlier today, July 13th. The entire band were left injured following a van crash in Salt Lake City, UT while on tour late last month.

After heading back out on the road following a show in the aforementioned city, their van collided with the back of a semi-trailer truck, totaling the vehicle in the process. Madi was left with the worst of the injuries from the crash, having initially been listed in critical condition before eventually stabilizing.

She was put into a medically induced coma for a considerable amount of time and recently began undergoing various major surgeries for her injuries. Per Brandon‘s newly shared update, the major procedures she faces have been completed and she will soon be moved out of the ICU.

Brandon‘s stated:

Madis surgery went well. They had to wire her jaw shut cuz it was broken on both sides. But everything’s going as good as it can, she’s still not talking or looking at us/ that kinda shit. But they’re looking to move her outta the icu cuz all her major surgeries are done.”

In an interview Brandon did with FOX 13 News (see it via YouTube), he revealed that guitarist Aaron Kisielewski was behind the wheel at the time of the crash, with his brother Andy in the passenger seat. Aaron suffered a broken femur and a lacerated carotid artery and has since underwent surgery.

Andy, who handles drumming in the band, suffered two broken ankles in the crash. Brandon himself was concussed in the crash and suffered multiple contusions. Madi however suffered head and spinal trauma, a broken jaw on both sides and broken ribs.

In the video report, which was conducted several days ago, Brandon revealed that Madi was responsive to simple verbal commands, like squeezing his hand and opening her eyes and such. He further stated of her condition, “she’s going to have go through a lot of speech therapy, cognitive therapy—a lot of rehabilitation, so we’re gonna be here for a long time.”

As Madi and the band continue to face a long road of recovery and financial uncertainty amid their convalescence, their GoFundMe campaign has been increased to a $300,000 goal. Should you be able to contribute, you can help out at

In other news, several bands have stepped up their fundraising efforts for Madi and the boys. You can see some of those offerings below:

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