The Voynich Code

The Voynich Code Debut “The Last Grain”


Portuguese deathcore outfit The Voynich Code have given an online premiere to a lyric video for their latest single, “The Last Grain“. The band had the following to say about the song:

“‘The Last Grain‘ dives into the detrimental habit of fixating on the past, wasting valuable seconds of our lives. The past is something that gets a hold of us really tight of the present, losing sight of any joy the future may hold.

For many of us, the weight of the past is only released when the last grain of the hourglass drops. It is in that moment that we understand that our whole existence is now just that: ‘the past’. By constantly looking back, we have wasted a lifetime, subjecting ourselves to needless suffering over something beyond our control.

The past is the past, it’s gone. The moment is now, or never.”

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