Moodring To Take A Break From Touring As Vocalist Hunter Young Addresses His Health Issues


Moodring have announced that they will be taking time off from the road indefinitely to allow their vocalist/guitarist Hunter Young time to address his current health issues.

Speaking via social media today, June 01st, Young announced the news with the following statement:

“Hello everyone,

I (Hunter) am writing to inform you that due to my ongoing and worsening health issues, Moodring will not be touring for an indefinite amount of time. This includes our run with Omerta and Gates To Hell that is set to start very soon. The tour is not canceled and we encourage you to still go out to a date near you and support our friends. They have been more than gracious and understanding. All current music and merchandise will still be released as previously scheduled.

Without going into too much detail to avoid garnering unwanted medical advice, after seeing many specialists and spending a fortune on testing, I am dealing with several debilitating neurological and physical illnesses that could worsen or turn severe if I “push myself” too hard. I have been given strict orders not to travel by several doctors and I’m currently housebound the majority of the week as a precaution.

I feel a great sadness being in this position as well as a loss of self. Seeing the things that it’s negatively affecting is devastating, but I have to do right by myself in order to not further decrease the quality of my life.

I still plan to write, produce, and release music as my brain and body permits. Thank you for reading, please stay tuned…”

As stated above, plans to release the band’s new EP “Your Light Fades Away” on July 14th will be moving forward. The group debuted a new track from that effort yesterday, you can give it a listen for yourself here.

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