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East Of The Wall Premiere “Hegemony’s Dilemma” Music Video


A new East Of The Wall track titled “Hegemony’s Dilemma” has made its way online. Taken from the band’s new album “A Neutral Second” (due out June 30th), bassist/vocalist Chris Alfano had the following to say of this new track:

“‘Hegemony’s Dilemma‘ is part II of a combined suite that begins with ‘Unfamiliar Glass Ceiling‘, which is why the song titles share a similar theme. You may think they’re puns based on Neon Genesis Evangelion episodes, but in fact they’re puns on titles of 20-year-old songs from my former band The Postman Syndrome who had a pair of songs just blatantly named after Evangelion episodes (we were in college and stupid). Since that band is re-releasing our debut LP on vinyl, and because we were known for two-part songs, and because I just love puns, it seemed appropriate.

Ultimately the track split made sense not just because no one wants a ten-minute track, but because each half had a clear structural arc, and really the relationship between the two is mainly similarities in the key signatures and some minor melodic reprises. As we developed each half, their personalities became more distinct, and now I have a hard time picturing them as a single song.

And of course, if there’s any standout moment on ‘Hegemony‘, it’s the guest vocal appearance from Audra Mariel from Martin Howth. Originally the quiet drop in the song was instrumental, and you’d think that layering the trumpets would make us want it to stay that way. But once we heard the horns we immediately realized that her voice would be perfect for the part. And it was!”

[via Metal Injection]

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