Bamboozle Fest

‘Bamboozle Festival’ Promoter Faces Lawsuit Over Unpaid Loan


The recent abrupt cancellation of the ‘Bamboozle Festival‘ has led to a lawsuit being filed against the festival’s promoter. Anthony Martini (presumably of New Jersey hardcore outfit E.Town Concrete, etc. fame) was said to have invested some $500,000 into the festival via Bamboozle Festival LLC and promoter John D’Esposito.

According to, D’Esposito borrowed the aforementioned sum at an agreed upon 20% interest rate. Martini claims that he was not alerted in advance to the festival’s last-minute cancellation, learning about the matter on social media.

Martini claims D’Esposito also breached a contractually agreed upon repayment schedule for the aforementioned funds. Those funds were expected to be repaid on January 21st of this year. As such, Martini is seeking $630,000 plus interest and associated costs, plus fees.

Martini commented to the aforementioned publication of the legal proceedings:

“I loaned the money. [D’Esposito] said he would pay me back. He’s obviously in a not-so-great space. But I shouldn’t be screwed over for trying to help him.”

Originally booked to return this past weekend at Bader Field in Atlantic City, NJ, the festival was to feature sets from Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach and more. The plug was pulled roughly a week ahead of time however due to proper permits not being received, allegedly due to a lack of necessary paperwork having been provided.

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