Bleed The Fifth

Tommy Vext Shares Cover Of Divine Heresy’s “This Threat Is Real”


Tommy Vext‘s Divine Heresy tribute band Bleed The Fifth continue to release their takes on various tracks from the band’s catalog. Vext fronted Divine Heresy early on before an infamous physical altercation with the band’s founder Dino Cazares led to his ousting.

This year saw Vext unveil his new incarnation of Divine Heresy of sorts in the form of Bleed The Fifth. That outfit unites him with fellow Divine Heresy veteran, drummer Tim Yeung. Joining the duo in this venture are ex-Soulfly/current Ill NiƱo guitarist Marc Rizzo, ex-Machine Head bassist Adam Duce and guitarist Bill Hudson (NorthTale, etc.).

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While a live performance with that lineup took place under the name of Bleed The Fifth earlier this year, the various Divine Heresy covers to emerge online recently have been issued under Vext‘s name.

Thus far covers of Divine Heresy‘s “Closure“, “Face Breaker“, “Failed Creation” and this most recent rendition of “This Threat Is Real“, have been shared:

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