Sleep TokenAdamross Williams

Sleep Token’s Recent Sydney Show Was Interrupted By An Audience Member’s Concerningly Loud Fart


Viral alternative metal outfit Sleep Token are known for their dynamics. Those sonic peaks and valleys can lead to some starkly quiet moments during their live concerts. It is during one of those solemn breaks that some unexpected fan participation took place during the band’s recent April 29th show at The Metro Theatre in Sydney, Australia.

As captured in the below video, a concerningly loud blast of flatulence from an audience member audibly pierced the the room, leading to chuckles from the audience. The band’s vocalist Vessel managed to continue the set without losing a step, but was likely glad to be masked in the aftermath.

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Sleep Token will be hitting North American shores for the below tour this fall. Their new studio album, “Take Me Back To Eden“, will arrive on May 19th.

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