Julie Christmas

Julie Christmas Debuts First New Solo Track In Over A Decade, Cult Of Luna, Kylesa, Candiria, Spotlights, Etc. Members Guest


Julie Christmas of Made Out Of Babies, etc. fame, has launched her first new solo track in roughly 13 years. This new offering is titled “Not Enough” and finds her backed by a diverse crop of talent.

Among those sitting in are Cult Of Luna guitarist/vocalist Johannes Persson, Kylesa vocalist/guitarist Laura Pleasants, Candiria guitarist John LaMacchia and Spotlights drummer Chris Enriquez. Musician/engineer Tom Tierney assisted on keys, while Andrew Schneider (Pigs) contributed additional bass, percussion, guitar and synth, as well as mapping out the songwriting.

Christmas told Revolver of the track:

“I started to sing ‘Not Enough‘ while riding in a car on the highway in Brooklyn and seeing all these water towers along the tops of the buildings. Some of them are so beautiful.

But I like the dented ones just as much. The sun was blazing hot that day and throwing crazy shadows under the towers. In my head, for a minute, It struck me that the towers were very, very brave.

They were there ready to do what they were intended to do against incredible heat. And more importantly, they were there all the time. If they can do it, I can do it, too.

This song is now out and is released under my name but it was first written by Andrew Schneider and turned into what it is now by these incredible people: Johannes Persson, John LaMacchia, Chris Enriquez, Laura Pleasants and Tom Tierney.

Men among men!”

Christmas will be back onstage tomorrow, April 20th, at this year’s annual ‘Roadburn Festival‘ in Tilburg, NET.

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