(hed)p.e.’s Jared Gomes Reflects On “Blackout” Turning 20: “The Fans Did NOT Appreciate This Record”


(hed)p.e. vocalist Jared Gomes has reflected back on the recent 20th anniversary of the band’s divisive third studio album, 2003’s “Blackout“. That effort officially turned 20 last week on March 18th. In the past, Gomes has been critical of that particular album, telling the Times Standard back in 2012 that the group bowed to record label pressure. He was quoted as referring to “Blackout” as ‘corporate junk’.

He elaborated on that to the aforementioned publication:

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“I was just trying to please people at the record label. I learned a lot about life and myself in those times. I wouldn’t erase it. That album was less of me trying to like express (myself) as an artist. I did express (myself) honestly through the lyrics but it was more of me trying to give the record label what they wanted because they were pressuring me. I learned that you never do that. You never stray away from your own artistic focus to please whoever.”

Now taking to social media overnight, Gomes shared his thoughts these days on that record:

“so its Blackout‘s 20th anniversary.

Definitely my most personal record. The record was based around feeling betrayed and forgotten.

Not alot of rap rock on this record, because at the time I didnt like being called rap rock. So i sang alot.

The fans did NOT appreciate this record. But at least it was from the heart and exposed my most inner self.

The cover art is fucking amazing. Was done by a Cali graffiti artist. He destroyed the art. On this point there can be no debate.

20 years later. I’m still here. Still hustlin’ to make a living from my music. I have many regrets; and many things I would change if I could. But then that might change the look in my son’s eyes; or the sound of my daughter’s laugh.

So…I wouldn’t change a fucking thing.


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