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The Acacia Strain’s Vincent Bennett Explains The Differences Between The Band’s Two Upcoming New Albums


Vincent Bennett, vocalist for experimental deathcore outfit The Acacia Strain, has explained the band’s decision to individually release two new albums on May 12th. That day will see both “Step Into The Light” and “Failure Will Follow” making their way out into the world.

Speaking earlier today, March 16th, Bennett explained on social media why they chose to separate those records:

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“I know it’s confusing; why two records on the same day? Why not just do a big long record? Well, they are legitimately two separate records – written and recorded separately. One being a fast and hard ass beater, the other a slow, sad, emotional rollercoaster. It’s all a big “what if?” It’s about human evolution on one hand, and human devolution on the other, and how every small decision we make can affect us in big ways.

What if we leave the earth? What if we all evolve beyond our bodies? What if we go nuclear and fight for the final scraps of civilization? What if the earth fights back and reclaims itself? It’s also about TAS. What if this riff went here, with this lyric? What if we were a completely different band? Mindset and environment can come into play in making a record, and we took that ALL into consideration.

You may hear a familiar riff on one record or the other, you might hear similar lyrics shared on both records. It’s about a split in time. The diverging paths we all take along the way, and the similarities we might encounter. How the decisions we make may cause breaks in reality, and what new realities they may create.

We spent the better part of a year conceptualizing this into completion; we put everything into these records. You can buy one, both, or neither. You can listen to it on your streaming service of choice for free. We don’t want your money, we just want your attention. I just want you to hear it, i care mostly that you listen; and you understand what we were trying to accomplish. We can never put out a normal record ever again. Thank you for reading – for understanding, and not being a negative hateful slandering reactionary.”

The details for those albums run as follows:

Step Into The Light” track listing:

01 – “Flourishing
02 – “Calf’s Blood
03 – “Chain” (feat. Jacob Lilly)
04 – “Fresh Bones
05 – “Teeth Of The Cursed Dog
06 – “Open Wound
07 – “Sinkhole” (feat. Josef Alfonso)
08 – “Is This Really Happening?
09 – “Untended Graves
10 – “None Of Us Asked To Be Here

Failure Will Follow” track listing:

01 – “Pillar Of Salt” (feat. Dylan Walker & iRis.EXE)
02 – “Bog Walker
03 – “Basin Of Vows” (feat. Ethan McCarthy of Primitive Man)


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