Bleed The Fifth

Tommy Vext & Tim Yeung Form Divine Heresy Covers Band ‘Bleed The Fifth’, Vext Vents On His Trouble Landing Support Tours


Vocalist Tommy Vext (ex-Bad Wolves) and drummer Tim Yeung (I A Morbid, ex-Hate Eternal, etc.) have joined forces in a Divine Heresy covers band. That outfit have chosen the title of Divine Heresy‘s 2007 debut album “Bleed The Fifth” as the moniker for their band.

The lineup is rounded out by ex-Soulfly/current Ill Niño guitarist Marc Rizzo, ex-Machine Head bassist Adam Duce and Bill Hudson (NorthTale, etc.). Both Yeung and Hudson also perform in Vext‘s The Lone Wolf backing band.

Bleed The Fifth will be performing songs from Divine Heresy‘s aforementioned debut album at The Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA on April 08th. Vext of course had a shorter tenure in Divine Heresy than Yeung, having been ejected from the group following an widely publicized alleged pair of physical altercations with guitarist Dino Cazares.

One of those altercations allegedly included an errant punch that hit not only Cazares, but his then wife Jennifer. According to Jennifer at the time, she believed the punch was meant for Dino and she only received the tail end of it.

Vext‘s involvement with the group ended in the spring of 2008 in the wake of those altercations, while Yeung would remain a member until around 2012.

Cazares has since begun rebuilding Divine Heresy amid the pandemic, having enlisted Once Human‘s Lauren Hart on vocals and Decrepit Birth‘s Gabe Seeber on drums.

In other news, earlier this week Vext posted to social media revealing that he had been having trouble lining up tours for his The Lone Wolf venture. He believes that this an extension of himself being ‘cancelled’ for his past controversial statements and actions. He stated of the matter:

“People are asking me when I’m going back on tour. This is my answer. I don’t know 🤷🏽‍♂️

I have submitted for several tours as opening act & have not landed anything yet.
I’m currently in consideration to open for Aaron Lewis who seems to be the only artist not afraid to do shows with me out of fear of being cancelled by association.

Every manager, label, press outlet are on a full frontal cancellation assault of me so I understand why people are worried. Why bother with the hassle? Why jeopardize there own standings? This is the reality of what has been done for daring to disobey the corporate industry.

You don’t see me crying about the millions of dollars I’ve lost. I just accept it and keep trying. So when y’all start bitching it doesn’t help an already negative situation.

If you want to be proactive I suggest you join the Fb fan group & start finding venues and promoters in your local community that will have me. It’s that simple. I want to tour. I miss you guys. I love writing recording & performing but I cannot fight this system alone.

If y’all care enough to complain then it’s time to get activated. I’m pissed too. I’m dead on 90k from last years vocal injury alone. Not to mention I still have to pay to record the new albums I’m in the studio doing right now on top of publishing my biography- so please get active and group up and let’s figure out a solution together.

Does that sound like a good plan?”

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