Taake’s Australian Tour Cancelled Amid Pressure Over Alleged Far-Right Sympathizing


Norwegian black metal outfit Taake have had yet another tour cancelled amid concerns over their alleged racist beliefs and Nazi sympathizing. It’s been a long-running theme for the band, having had numerous shows and tours cancelled, openers exiting tours and even an war with rapper Talib Kweli¬†due to their checkered past.

Promoters recently pulled the plug on the band’s planned Australian tour amid apparent public outcry. The Guardian are reporting that the trek was due to take place with Akhlys, another band who have been accused of harboring far-right/extremist sympathies.

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The promoters themselves stated that the trek was scrapped due to “reasons beyond our control”, adding, “apologies to ticket holders/people keen to see these 2 acts, you’ll receive an update and full refund from your ticketing company.”

Prior to cancelling the trek, a pair of venues had already pulled out of the tour, reportedly due to public outcry. When faced with a similar situation back in 2018, Taake‘s Hoest denied the allegations of Nazism, stating in part, “just for the sake of clarity Taake is not now, has never been, and never will be a Nazi band.”

Hoest‘s various denials of Nazism over the years don’t appear to have been enough for some to overlook his past questionable actions, which included performing with a swastika on his chest in 2007, along with several other far-right incidents/activities.

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