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Neil Fallon Reveals Which Song He Feels Serves As The Best Introduction To The Music Of Clutch


With thirteen albums to their credit and a thirty year career that has spawned numerous eras, seeking a foothold on where to begin absorbing the music of blue collar road dogs Clutch remains as daunting as ever.

While their 2007 fiery bluesy rock anthem “Electric Worry” managed to take them to a new level of exposure and remains their most commercially successful song to date, it’s also not entirely representative of what the band were prior, or where they are at now.

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Speaking recently with Revolver, the band’s ever-bearded frontman/guitarist Neil Fallon was asked which track he would choose to serve as an introduction to Clutch. His choice was “Noble Savage“, from their 2015 full-length “Psychic Warfare“.

He said of it:

“It’s hard to pick one because we’ve been doing it for so long and our eras are different because of who we were and who we’ve become. It may not be indicative of our entire catalog, but I think ‘Noble Savage‘ is a good mission-statement song. I chose that because the chorus is, ‘unapologetic lifer for rock & roll.'”

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