Chris Jericho On The Masked Singer

Fozzy’s Chris Jericho Revealed As The ‘Bride’ On ‘The Masked Singer’


Chris Jericho, the veteran AEW professional wrestler sports entertainer and frontman of heavy metal outfit Fozzy, was revealed as the ‘Bride’ on the Fox reality competition TV series ‘The Masked Singer‘ last night, November 16th. That series finds celebrities singing anonymously in elaborate costumes amid a panel of celebrity judges.

While Jericho did manage to beat several other contestants, his run came to a close this week. The clues offered for the identity of the ‘Bride’ prior to Jericho‘s elimination and eventual unmasking read as follows:

‘Dearly beloved, we gather here tonight for Hall Of Fame Night, but I vow to rock. I’m always telling feel-good stories, but let me explain how I ended up here, alone, at this junkyard wedding. I have a rugged personality, I live on the road selling out arenas and I have an appetite for destroying things. So I’m notorious for being in some of the messiest feuds. I’ve gone the solo route, and I’ve come here to master. Master a new commitment with all you ‘Masked Singer’ freaks. So tonight, here comes the bride!’

Jericho, who adopted a British accent for his time on the show, spoke with TV Insider about his appearance, offering the following of his time on the series:

“I really enjoyed the whole concept of the show and the whole concept of character even. That’s something that I really thought was kind of cool. Even when we were discussing originally what the character and costume would be, I wanted to be something opposite of what you would expect Chris Jericho to be wearing. That’s what it was right out of the gate. It really was a lot of fun across the board.”

He further added of his time on the show:

“I’m a real competitive person, so whenever I do something like this, I don’t do anything for fun. I do it to win. [Laughs] But having said that, I did have a blast. And once again, to do the Bride was exactly what I wanted. I wanted it to be something completely opposite of what you might expect and really focus on the element of fooling people as to who was really behind the pink mask, so to speak.

But it was great. It was a lot of fun [the] first week. I was angry the second week, but there might be some redemption for the Bride upcoming, so either way, it was a blast, and I enjoyed it. And it was an easy show to do because there was no hair, there was no makeup, and there [was] no costume.

My costume was a pair of gym shorts and a muscle shirt and a fan around my neck so I could breathe inside that thing, sweating my ass off inside of that. As far as a Hollywood show, it was very, very easy: just step into the dinosaur and go out there and sing your ass off for a minute and a half. It was a lot of fun.”

During his run on the show, Jericho took on Billy Idol‘s “White Wedding“, Smash Mouth‘s “All Star” and Walk The Moon‘s “Shut Up And Dance“.

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