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Korn’s Jonathan Davis Officially Launches His Freak On A Leash Pet Brand, Speaks On Being “Deathly Allergic To Dogs”


Jonathan Davis, vocalist for multi-platinum nü-metal pioneers Korn, has just officially launched his new pet product brand Freak On A Leash. Taking its name from the aforementioned band’s signature track, the line consists of leashes, collars and more with a horror/gothic-themed tinge. Also featured in the line are stuffed dismembered zombie hand and eyeball plushies. You can dig into those offerings over at

Speaking recently with Variety, Davis opened up why he decided to launch the line, offering:

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“…I would go into pet shops to buy something for my dog, and there was nothing that spoke to me. I wanted collars and leashes that used colors that I like, and things that make my animal an extension of me. I think a lot of owners want to dress them up how they would dress.”

In that same interview, Davis also revealed that he himself is “deathly allergic to dogs”, but that hasn’t stopped him from owing several over the years:

“…I’m severely asthmatic, but I love them so much that I just deal. Occasionally I have to get my inhaler or my eyes are itching, but over time I get used to it and I can live with it. Anyway, I went on tour [earlier this year] and was really missing the animals. Bee [his significant other] said, ‘We need a puppy’ but I said, ‘We’ve gotta be home so it’s bonded to us.’

So after the tour we found a place that had puppies and chose a Bantam poodle. His name is Dante and he’s amazing — just a baby, so I’m really stoked. He brings so much life to the house — I just love the companionship with animals. I like them better than humans! (laughter)”

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