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Edsel Dope On Static-X’s Current Incarnation: “It’s More About That It’s A Legacy Act, And It Always Will Be”


Edsel Dope has spoken more about the ongoing resurrection of industrial nü-metal outfit Static-X. While Edsel (who fronts Dope and more), has never publicly confirmed it, he has long since been thought to be the man behind the mask in Static-X‘s current incarnation. That mask in question belongs to ‘Xer0‘, a living caricature of sorts of Static-X‘s late frontman Wayne Static.

Edsel has previously acknowledged his involvement with Static-X, referring to himself as the band’s ‘creative director’ and also making mention of his production work with them on their 2021 album “Project: Regeneration Vol. 1” and the forthcoming second volume.

Chatting with the Battleline Podcast (see below), Edsel commented of his work with Static-X:

“When Wayne passed away, let’s just say that he wasn’t on top. Let’s just say that when me and him were playing those little club shows, he was struggling. And the fans knew it. And that’s why he was playing to small crowds; people, in a lot of ways, had sort of checked out. But after us bringing Static-X back and doing that 20-year-anniversary memorial to Wayne Static and making ‘Project Regeneration‘ and releasing that album to people, I believe that he’s on the minds and in the hearts of the fans more than he’s ever been, and he’s a legend in a different way.

He went out not in the best, but we brought him back and we propped him up and made people remember him for the best of him, which was the work that he did in that nine years of Static-X.

And then what he left behind for us to then help finish and to go out across the world and celebrate with his spirit and the fans and his family and the original ‘Wisconsin Death Trip‘ band, it’s pretty remarkable to think, like, if you were Wayne looking down and going, like, ‘Dude, you mean to tell me that I died and three years later, my original band got back together, went on tour, didn’t try to replace me with some new singer, didn’t try to move on from me, but instead found a way to represent me and keep me involved in it and make the fans celebrate my legacy and remember Wayne Static.’

While remembering Static-X, of course, because no one person was bigger than Static-X; it was an amazing recipe that four guys made, but we all recognize that Wayne was the engine of it. But if he was looking down at that, dude, you couldn’t do anything except for be absolutely blown away and honored by the amount of love and admiration and the amount of work that myself and the band and his family put into orchestrating all that.

And if you saw those shows, or even if you just find them online, the amount of production and time and money that was invested… Anybody saying, ‘Oh, look at these guys with their cash grab,’ it’s, like, ‘Bro, you wanna see the fucking bill from production and from touring?’ This was not a bunch of guys going, ‘Oh, we found our way to get to the top financially.’ No.

This was a way for us to go out and do something really fucking cool creatively, artistically that came from all the right places in our hearts. And I, as a huge Static-X fan, am grateful that it took place because I miss the band and I know the fans miss the band. And now Static-X is on tour with Rob fucking Zombie and Mudvayne playing to 20 thousand people a night — right where they would be if Wayne was still here. And that’s all you need to say.

The music was bigger than everything else; the connection that the band had was bigger than anything else. And I think we found a very unique way to allow Static-X to continue to live while not making an attempt to move it into the future and exist in the future without Wayne. It’s more about that it’s a legacy act, and it always will be. And it’s just a very creative way to allow the band to continue to be part of those big, cool experiences.”

While Wayne Static died on November 01st, 2014 due to a a fatal concoction of prescription drugs and alcohol, his former Static-X bandmates were able to build new songs around various studio demos and recordings he had left behind unfinished.

The group will next be out on a 20th anniversary tour of their gold-certified 2001 sophomore album, “Machine“. Support on that trek Fear Factory, Dope, Society 1 and more. Dope will be out celebrating the 20th anniversary of their 2001 album “Life” on that trek as well.

02/25 San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
02/27 Portland, OR – Roseland
02/28 Seattle, WA – Showbox
03/01 Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater
03/02 Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory
03/03 Boise, ID – Revolution Concert Hall
03/04 Reno, NV – Virginia Street Brewhouse
03/05 Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
03/07 Phoenix, AZ – Van Buren (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/08 Albuquerque, NM – El Rey Theater (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/09 Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/10 Dallas, TX – House of Blues (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/11 San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theater (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/12 Houston, TX – House Of Blues (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/14 Atlanta, GA – Buckhead Theater (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/15 Orlando, FL – Plaza Live (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/16 Charlotte, NC – Underground (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/17 Baltimore, MD – Soundstage (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/18 Philadelphia, PA – T.L.A. (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/19 New York, NY – Irving Plaza (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/21 Boston, MA – Big Night Live (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/22 New Haven, CT – Toad’s (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/23 Montreal, QC – Corona (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/24 Toronto, ON – Phoenix (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/25 Detroit, MI – St. Andrews Hall (feat. Mushroomhead)
03/26 Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues (feat. Twiztid)
03/28 Pittsburgh, PA – Roxian (feat. Twiztid)
03/29 Cincinnati, OH – Bogarts (feat. Twiztid)
03/30 Columbus, OH – The King of Clubs (feat. Twiztid)
03/31 Ft. Wayne, IN – The Clyde (feat. Mushroomhead)
04/01 Milwaukee, WI – The Rave (feat. Mushroomhead)
04/02 Green Bay, WI – Epic Event Center (feat. Mushroomhead)
04/04 Grand Rapids, MI – Intersection (feat. Mushroomhead)
04/05 St. Louis, MO – Del Mar Hall (feat. Twiztid)
04/06 Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue (feat. Twiztid)
04/07 Chicago, IL – House Of Blues (feat. Twiztid)
04/08 Minneapolis, MN – The Fillmore (feat. Twiztid)
04/09 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theater (feat. Twiztid)
04/11 Denver, CO – The Summit (feat. Twiztid)
04/13 Las Vegas, NH – House Of Blues (feat. Twiztid)
04/14 San Diego, CA – House Of Blues (feat. Twiztid)
04/15 Los Angeles, CA – Belasco Theater (feat. Twiztid)


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