All Out War

New All Out War Album “Celestial Rot” Due Out In February, “Glorious Devastation” Video Launched


New York metalcore lifers All Out War will have their new full-length album “Celestial Rot” out on February 03rd via Translation Loss Records. The band’s guitarist Taras Apuzzo oversaw the recording process for this eighth studio album, which was mixed and mastered by Erol Ulug. The cover art was done by Alexandre Goulet (Despised Icon, Fit For An Autopsy).

Speaking of the record, All Out War frontman Mike Score offered:

“‘Celestial Rot‘ expresses the decay of not only this world, but the dogma that has helped bring us here. The fall of the earthly realm, as well as the spiritual realm. We are excited for this release because we touch on influences that we have not tapped into previously. ‘Celestial Rot‘ represents a new direction and a new chapter for All Out War. A new voyage that we are enthusiastically embracing.”

A video for the first single “Glorious Devastation” has received its online debut and is available to view below. The band had director Frank Huang oversee that video.

Speaking of the song, Score stated:

“‘Glorious Devastation‘ represents the dark path humanity has embarked upon. It’s a twisted journey towards an apocalyptic end that will cleanse the earth of a tortured and corrupt existence. We chose this song because we felt it captured the essence of the album both lyrically and sonically. We thought it was a fantastic representation of where the band is headed musically.”

Celestial Rot” track listing:

01 – “Snake Legion
02 – “Glorious Devastation
03 – “Wrath/Plague
04 – “Hideous Disdain
05 – “The End Is Always Near
06 – “Caustic Abomination
07 – “Revel In Misery
08 – “Celestial Rot
09 – “Weaving Oblivion
10 – “Shroud Of Heaven

Several different pre-order options are available; Translation Loss are offering several different colored vinyl variants and more here. A bone white vinyl pressing can be found through, while a yellow vinyl pressing is up for grabs via

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