Make Them Suffer

Make Them Suffer Welcome New Member Alex Reade, Debut “Doomswitch” Music Video


Australian metalcore outfit are back to full strength, having announced Alex Reade as their new keyboardist/vocalist. Reade, who previously fronted Drown This City, replaces Booka Nile in the group. Reade‘s introduction comes via a music video for the band’s new single “Doomswitch“.

A music video for that track was filmed at The Paint Factory in Brisbane, Australia and has just debuted online below. The band had the following to say about it and their newest member:

“‘Doomswitch‘ is a term coined by online poker players used to describe a hypothesized mechanism by which an online poker site will continually infer bad luck onto a player. Sean related to this term and, at the time, it felt as if a ‘Doomswitch’ had flicked on his life, so we used the concept as the main inspiration for the song. We’ve adopted a new element into our sound along with the inclusion of a new member: Alex. This song marks a new chapter and the next step forward for the band and the sonic shift in ‘Doomswitch‘ really drives that home.”

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