Motörhead Share Previously Unreleased Instrumental Demo Of “Ripsaw Teardown” From 40th Anniversary Edition Of “Iron Fist’


A previously unreleased instrumental demo of Motörhead‘s “Ripsaw Teardown” accompanies a new upload of the band’s 1982 concert intro film. The group shot that short film with director Nick Mead and screened it prior to taking to the stage amid their “Iron Fist” touring.

An official press release said of the short:

‘Once upon a time the loudest, nastiest, speed-freaked trio in the land – the mighty Motörhead – decided that they needed an intro-film to come on stage to, so they could tour their brand-new album Iron Fist. Not for them some gentle promo video, for this was Motörhead in 1982 comprising the seminal three amigos line-up of Lemmy, Fast Eddie Clarke and Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor.

What they produced has been buried in the mists of time, confined to dodgy bootleg VHS’s, but it’s a gory, brutal, hilariously OTT short movie directed by Nick Mead where knights are murdered and maidens are in distress. Shot in a Hertfordshire forest it features a medieval, battle-hardened band stomping around a darkened forest, fueled by vodka and brandishing weapons, wearing horned helmets and looking fierce whilst punching the air with their Iron Fist!

Imagine a recklessly non-health-and-safety, amphetamine-nightmare, super low budget take on Monty Python and the Holy Grail and you’re halfway there.’

That album’s 40th anniversary will be celebrated this year with an expanded edition, the track listing for which can be found below:

Iron Fist“:

01 – “Iron Fist
02 – “Heart Of Stone
03 – “I’m The Doctor
04 – “Go To Hell
05 – “Loser
06 – “Sex And Outrage
07 – “America
08 – “Shut It Down
09 – “Speedfreak
10 – “(Don’t Need) Religion
11 – “Bang To Rights

Jackson’s Studio Demos October 1981:

01 – “Remember Me, I’m Gone
02 – “The Doctor
03 – “Young & Crazy
04 – “Loser
05 – “Iron Fist
06 – “Go To Hell

CD & Digital Bonus Tracks:

01 – “Lemmy Goes To The Pub
02 – “Some Old Song, I’m Gone
03 – “(Don’t Let ‘em) Grind Ya Down” (alternate version)
04 – “Shut It Down
05 – “Sponge Cake” (instrumental)
06 – “Ripsaw Teardown” (instrumental)
07 – “Peter Gunn” (instrumental)

Live At Glasgow Apollo 18/3/82 (previously unreleased):

01 – “Iron Fist
02 – “Heart Of Stone
03 – “Shoot You In The Back
04 – “The Hammer
05 – “Loser
06 – “Jailbait
07 – “America
08 – “White Line
09 – “(Don’t Need) Religion
10 – “Go To Hell
11 – “Capricorn
12 – “(Don’t Let ‘em) Grind Ya Down
13 – “(We Are The) Road Crew
14 – “Ace Of Spades
15 – “Bite The Bullet
16 – “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
17 – “Overkill
18 – “Bomber
19 – “Motörhead

Look for it out on September 23rd with pre-orders available here.

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