MØL Premiere “Tvesind” Music Video


Danish post-black metal group MØL have debuted a music video for their song “Tvesind“. John Bradburn oversaw the directorial duties for this video, which is embedded below. The song itself appears on the band’s latest album, “Diorama“.

The band’s vocalist Kim Song Sternkopf commented:

“I got to have some profound conversations with my father that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t get to write this. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk to people and say, ‘You did something really wrong to me,’ but if you have it on paper, a song or movie or something to speak out from, there’s something we can examine from different angles. That’s where the title ‘Diorama‘ comes in. Despite the odds being against us, I believe there’s a lot of hope because I’ve found a way to talk to them.”

He continued:

“We have been very fortunate to be working with British director/editor John Bradburn who conjured up some amazing work with excellent videos for both Deafheaven on ‘In Blur‘ and Emma Ruth Rundle on ‘Blooms of Oblivion‘. He has treated the heavy subject matters of the album with the utmost respect and a razor-sharp eye for aesthetics that we believe should accompany all of our music.”

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