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Chelsea Grin To Release Double Album “Suffer In Hell”/”Suffer In Heaven”, Late The Black Dahlia Murder Vocalist Trevor Strnad Among Featured Guests


Chelsea Grin have announced the details for their new double album, which will be individually released across two parts. The first half, “Suffer In Hell“, will be out on November 11th and feature a cameo from Trevor Strnad, the late frontman of The Black Dahlia Murder. The second half has been titled “Suffer In Heaven” and will follow on March 17th. Both records will emerge via the Salt Lake City-based deathcore outfit’s new label home of ONErpm.

Origin Of Sin“, the opening track to “Suffer In Hell“, has been launched as the first single from the set and a video for it shot by Eric DiCarlo has just gone up online. Vocalist Tom Barber commented:

“It is written that human life has crawled forth from the darkest points of our existence, it is said life even when set a blaze returns a new like a phoenix from ash. Many men have proclaimed to see, understand, and sometimes claim to have a gift from the gods. This is our creation for you, each song a representation of the trials and tribulations of life, each word chosen to represent an emotion, there is no greater story than the unknown and we believe this record will paint a picture only your mind can see.

We talk about self-doubt, overcoming inner demons, triumph of good over evil, and living neutrally amongst the darkness. Also, I can’t really think about a reason for a double record other than it’s fucking bad ass.”

As you may have noticed from the above new press photo, the groups’s drummer/vocalist Pablo Viveros is currently absent. Speaking on that via social media yesterday (August 10th), the group and Viveros himself both offered the following explanation as to his status:

“As many of you have noticed, Pablo hasn’t been performing with us for the last couple of tours. During the downtime over the pandemic, Pablo made commitments with another artist to perform and tour. While he has not fully departed Chelsea Grin, we have mutually agreed for him to take a hiatus to fulfill his commitments and have time to recharge.

We fully support and respect his decision, and understand the toll that touring in our circuit can take on the mind and body. We love him dearly, and cannot wait to have him back out with us. In the meantime, make sure to show him some love in his new endeavor.

We appreciate everyone’s support despite our relative absence online. This down time has been used to organize our individual lives at home, as well as to devote as much energy as possible toward creating new material that delivers in way we haven’t achieved before.

We’re very excited to unveil what has been happening behind the scenes, and to continue bringing metal to the masses. You’ll be seeing much more of us in the near future.”

The artist with whom Viveros has been touring with lately appears to be country artist Jon Langston.

Suffer In Hell” track listing:

01 – “Origin Of Sin
02 – “Forever Bloom” (feat. Trevor Strnad)
03 – “Deathbed Companion
04 – “Crystal Casket
05 – “Flood Lungs
06 – “The Isnis
07 – “Mourning Hymn
08 – “Suffer In Hell, Suffer In Heaven

Suffer In Heaven” track listing:

09 – “Leave With Us
10 – “Orc March” (feat. Dustin Mitchell of Filth)
11 – “Fathomless Maw
12 – “Soul Slave
13 – “The Mind Of God
14 – “Yhorm The Giant
15 – “Sing To The Grave
16 – “The Path To Suffering

Pre-orders are available here.

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