Metallica Are Now Selling Their Own Version Of ‘The Hellfire Club’ Shirts From ‘Stranger Things’


Thrash metal legends Metallica have been on a high while making the most of their ‘Stranger Things‘-led resurgence—most recently by jamming with ‘Eddie Munson‘ actor Joseph Quinn backstage at last weekend’s ‘Lollapalooza‘. A pivotal scene that saw Munson perform the title track to Metallica‘s 6x multi-platinum selling 1986 album “Master Of Puppets” in the season four finale of the aforementioned Netflix hit series opened the band up to a whole new audience, leading to a chart resurgence and a new legion of fans.

Munson led a group of Dungeons & Dragons players dubbed ‘The Hellfire Club’ in season four of that series, and while Metallica themselves have sported the club’s shirts in the past, they’ve now launched their own co-branded offerings. You can pick them up now at the following locations:

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