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Twelve Foot Ninja Go On Indefinite Hiatus, Cancel European Tour


Australian alternative metal outfit Twelve Foot Ninja have announced that they have gone on an indefinite hiatus. The decision follows last year’s announcement that the band and their vocalist Nik “Kin Etik” Barker were parting ways. In light of their newly announced hiatus, the outfit have now cancelled their 2023 European touring plans.

A statement issued by the band today, July 12th reads as follows:

“G’day everyone,

Since announcing Nik‘s departure in late 2021; we’ve had close to 200 people send vocal auditions from all over the planet (regrettably, no animals or extra-terrestrials applied). Some folks have been really impressive, some quite bizarre, but on balance everyone went to a lot of effort and for that we’re very humbled. Unfortunately, we didn’t hear anything that felt like “Twelve Foot Ninja” (as nebulous as that may read).

In addition, maintaining the personal resources required to meet the multi-faceted demands of a project like Twelve Foot Ninja started to become untenable, and frankly, unenjoyable (except in Russ’ case, but he actually enjoys Red Rooster chicken rolls – so his baseline is clearly warped) resulting in the tough decision to pull up stumps and go on an indefinite hiatus.

In light of this, we have to cancel Europe in 2023 and hope the advance notice gives our European fans time to adjust any plans they may have made. Ticket refunds from point of purchase. We’re genuinely sorry for any inconvenience caused to our supporters but ask for your understanding: without a suitable vocal replacement and the project becoming more squeeze than juice, it’s not right to roll the dice on these issues being solved in an appropriately timely manner. Hence, we’re making the tough call now in the hope to minimise fuckery.

We’re keeping the ninja social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) to post what we’re up to individually and collectively. Except Twitter…Twitter can fuck right off.

Ro has been working on a full length, Ninja acoustic album (Nik on vocals) featuring all of our greatest hits that missed. We’ll whack a couple of tracks on the ol’ streaming platforms, but the majority of the tracks will be available on the physical album. Join our mailing list to not miss the last Ninja release for the foreseeable future (

At some point in the timeline perhaps we’ll return with renewed passion and energy. Perhaps riding mighty thunder lizards exploding out of the sun. In the meantime…It would be helpful to us that there are no expectations about when that will happen.

Follow us individually on instagram for all of our Onlyfans links.

(There are so many people to thank for their support – a special thank to Jose Mangin for his belief in us all these years – sorry we couldn’t keep it rolling)

Twelve Foot Ninja

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