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System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Debuts Music Video For New Track “Amber”


System Of A Down vocalist Serj Tankian has released a new folk/classical oriented song by the name of “Amber” online. That track is politically minded in regards to Tankian‘s native Armenia and finds him joined by Sevak Armroyan on guest vocals. The track is sun in Armenian and the title for it ‘ahm-be’r’ refers to ‘clouds’ in Armenian.

Speaking of the song, Tankian offered:

“‘Amber‘ was written in 2017 after I visited Armenia along with my friends Atom & Arsinee Egoyan and Eric Nazarian as members of the coalition ‘Justice For Armenia’ to serve as election monitors for the Parliamentary elections. I was so distraught by the slick theft of the elections before ever reaching the ballot box that I wrote this song as a response.

The lyrics however seem to be more poignant today when Armenians are divided politically and socially following the devastating attack on Nagorno-Karabagh and Armenia by Azerbaijan and Turkey in 2020 and the continuous fallout over negotiations with those two dictatorial regimes. ‘Amber’s’ message is that of unity and harmony. Those are the only truly powerful weapons of the Armenian nation.”

He continued:

Sevak’s voice has a unique strength harking back to our people’s native lands. I loved listening to his songs like ‘Yarkhushta’ so when we met I was excited to work on something with him.”

Sevak added:

“NaturalIy, I have listened to Serj Tankian‘s music since childhood and always with a sense of pride. After getting acquainted with him, I realized that in addition to being an iconic musician he’s also a very proud Armenian. I am happy about our collaboration and thankful to Serj that we’re singing ‘Amber‘ together. It’s a great honor for me.”

A music video for the song has been made available online now, while the track is scheduled to arrive on digital service providers this coming Wednesday, June 08th.

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