Arch Enemy & Iron Maiden

Arch Enemy Are The Latest Artist To Receive An In-Game Event In Iron Maiden’s ‘Legacy Of The Beast’ Video Game


Swedish melodic death metal band Arch Enemy are the latest group to receive an in-game event in Iron Maiden‘s mobile video game ‘Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast‘. A character named ‘Queen Beast‘ inspired by Arch Enemy vocalist Alissa White-Gluz will launch in the game today, May 12th, at 05:00pm PDT / 08:00pm EDT.

Her arrival is part of a week-long event has been dubbed ‘Atomic Sunset‘, which drew inspiration from Arch Enemy‘s upcoming single “Sunset Over The Empire” and its respective video, both of which are slated for a May 20th release.

According to an official press release:

‘The week-long event will take fans and players on a journey with Eddie and Queen Beast, a regal warrior harnessing the fierce powers of wild animals, striking fear in the hearts of all who oppose her!

As they walk through a post-war dystopian wasteland, society at large is witnessing the rise of a mutant species, a creature that is the product of the nuclear war. They are driven to destroy all of what is left of the natural world; human and animal kind.

Queen Beast and her companion GreyClaw must work together with Doomsday Eddie to gather survivors and rebuild the community while fighting mutant henchmen. Future generations’ survival lies in their hands.’

Alissa White-Gluz has a long history of advocating for animal rights and had the following to say of her involvement:

“We made sure to include elements of the entire band. We worked directly with the developers to make this character really special and unique that really symbolizes Arch Enemy.

I think fans playing this game will have a fun time, also seeing AE lyrics in the script, in the storyline of the game and I’m curious to see who picks up on the little easter eggs we left in there.  It’s really exciting to see that AE will be fighting alongside Eddie and our character that we’ve developed Queen Beast along with her companion Greyclaw.”

Further summing up the Queen Beast character, White-Gluz stated that she symbolized “strength, femininity, power and compassion! We really put a lot of detail into developing her attacks, the way she looks, the way she moves, and I think its gonna be a really fun element for people playing the game.”

You can find the game at this location.

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