Marilyn Manson

Esmé Bianco Alleges Marilyn Manson Pressured Deftones Into Scrapping Footage Of Her From Their Current Touring Cycle


Shock rocker Marilyn Manson‘s legal situation has taken yet another turn. His ex- girlfriend, actress Esmé Bianco (‘Game Of Thrones‘, ‘The Magician‘) has amended her previously filed complaint against Manson, alleging that he got the Deftones to scrap a video piece she shot for the band.

Those visuals were said to have been intended for play amid the backdrops of the current Deftones touring cycle. Notably, Deftones themselves recently recruited former Marilyn Manson bassist Fred Sablan as their touring replacement for Sergio Vega.

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Rolling Stone report that her amended motion was filed yesterday, April 27th. In it, she alleges that the video she filmed was “to be used as part of the stage set for the [Deftones‘] current tour.” Her complaint further stated of the video, “In exchange for providing her images, Ms. Bianco expected an economic benefit from significant public exposure via the band’s worldwide tour and the opportunity to continue working with the highly sought-after creative director who oversaw the project.”

Her complaint alleges that Manson decided to “confront [Deftones] over [their] decision to work with Ms. Bianco.” Speaking to Rolling Stone, Bianco claimed that Manson “flipped out and was having a complete meltdown about the fact that I was working with Deftones and… they decided to cut my footage.”

Bianco first filed suit against Manson in April of 2021, alleging rape, abuse & human trafficking. Per her new amendment, she now asserts that Manson intentionally used his influence in the entertainment industry to interfere with her ability to work with Deftones. She claims that she has incurred “reputational damage” on behalf of Manson‘s alleged interference, which also caused her “loss of future economic opportunity.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone further on the matter, she stated:

“By continuing to threaten my career opportunities, Warner again demonstrates that even amidst criminal investigation and civil litigation he will stop at nothing in an attempt to silence his victims. The complicity of those who enable these intimidation tactics demonstrates why survivors are so hesitant to come forward. If those who hold power to stand up to abusers choose not to, survivors will stand alone.”

Rolling Stone sought comment from the Deftones camp and their management Velvet Hammer on the matter, but both parties declined. Commenting on Bianco‘s original legal filing last year, Manson‘s legal team claimed that Bianco‘s allegations were “provably false.”

Earlier this year Manson launched a defamation suit against his ex-fiancée Evan Rachel Wood and her apparent significant other Illma Gore, alleging they conspired with several other women to defame him with a series of allegations.

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