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Vocalist Dan Watson Announces His Exit From Enterprise Earth


Vocalist Dan Watson has announced his exit from deathcore outfit Enterprise Earth. In a statement shared via his social media earlier today (April 12th,) Watson vaguely outlined his reasons for leaving, offering:

“After over 8 yrs, I am no longer part of Enterprise Earth. I will not be on any tours or in any future material. It didn’t come to this because any of us wanted it to, but because the strings of destiny tugged us in different directions. I will always love the guys I shared the stage with and slept nut to butt within a sardine can on tour with and I will always support their future. Enterprise Earth was my everything the last 8 years.

I cherish the good and the bad from the experiences it brought me, the lessons it taught me through hardships and the incredible adventures it brought me on and most importantly the opportunity to meet all of you. It was hard to see you all as fans because it felt more like family because you treated me as such on the road (most of you haha) and really are responsible for me accidentally becoming a successful deathcore vocalist (successful as in, was able to manifest my dreams.) You guys pushed me and challenged me and picked me up when I was beat down. I’ll never forget that.

As for my future, things won’t be like what you are used to. They’ll be better.”

Watson appears to intend to remain a member of his other outfit Mire Lore. At present, it is unclear if Enterprise Earth will be proceeding with their previously announced touring plans, which include a European/UK tour as direct support to Fit For An Autopsy next month and a summer U.S. headlining tour booked for July/August.

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