Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker & Oli Sykes

Machine Gun Kelly Accused Of Plagiarizing Paramore With Recent Bring Me The Horizon Collaboration “Maybe”


Accusations of plagiarism have been following rapper turned pop-punk prince Machine Gun Kelly‘s recent single “Maybe“. That song found Machine Gun Kelly collaborating with members of Bring Me The Horizon, with Oli Sykes appearing prominently on the track. However, since the song’s reveal, some have found a certain section of it to be possessing strong similarities to pop-punk group Paramore‘s 4x multi-platinum 2007 single “Misery Business“.

Machine Gun Kelly is no stranger to “Misery Business“, having covered it in-studio with Travis Barker in March of 2020 (see below.) Rock Feed showed off the below similar clips of each song back to back. Upon seeing the aforementioned Rock Feed clip, All That Remains vocalist Phil Labonte shared the following tweet:

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