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Two New Crosses (†††) Singles Expected Out This Month


Those curious as to when they can expect to hear more new music from Crosses (†††) will be in luck later this month. The experimental dream pop band, who feature the core duo of Deftones, etc. vocalist/guitarist Chino Moreno and Far, etc. guitarist Shaun Lopez, have revealed that current plans have two more new songs due out towards the end of this month.

The duo recently confirmed their plans to NME, with Moreno stating of these forthcoming singles:

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“They’re different, I will say that. One of the songs specifically is one that Shaun sent me and told me he didn’t think I would like. Sometimes he’ll send me something and I’ll just throw some ideas and vocals on it and have it back to him in like four minutes.

Out of all the Crosses material of the past, one of them is a little more uplifting and less cerebral. It has this vibe that we hadn’t tapped into before, but once we dug into it we made it feel very much like us but just from a different angle. It’s coming out just before the summer, so I’m excited about that.

With each release, the picture of what this record is will come more into focus – for both the listener and ourselves. It’s going to be pretty exciting.”

For now, the group will be adhering to a similar release strategy that they employed with their 2014 full-length debut album. The songs on that effort first emerged via a series of EPs before all of the material was eventually compiled into a full-length release. This time around, it would appear that the group intend to space that out even further, releasing singles first.

Moreno told the aforementioned publication of that:

“I think there’s beyond a record in the can. It’s just about us now picking and choosing when and how to release it. The idea now is just to slowly put out ‘singles’ and little batches of songs over a long period of time, and then at some point to accumulate it into a full-length record.”

This past March saw the band return with their first all-new material since 2014 via the release of a pair of singles: Initiation” and “Protection.

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