Booka Nile

Ex-Make Them Suffer Keyboardist/Vocalist Booka Nile Denies Sexual Assault Allegation In New Statement


Former Make Them Suffer keyboardist/vocalist and reality TV star Booka Nile has issued a statement regarding the allegation of sexual assault put forth against her in recent weeks. The aforementioned Australian metalcore band announced her departure last week in light of the allegation, which implied she had forcibly engaged in non-consensual sex with an unidentified male.

In a post shared via her private Instagram, Nile denied those allegations, while also providing several screenshots of conversations related to the incident. She stated:

“I categorically deny the allegations made against me. I understand that without a statement from the alleged victim this whole incident is hearsay, which is exactly what it is. He does not want any part in this mess due to being vilified publicly by the same person I am now being vilified by too.

I have permission to post a screenshot below from their best friend who was the only person they trusted to share the secret of our affair during the time that we were seeing each other. Whilst it is not proof of my innocence, it does provide necessary context to other carefully selected screenshots that have been used to falsely accuse me.

I completely own that bragging about intercourse in the way that I did using the language I did is not inline with the person I hold myself up to be. I am deeply ashamed of myself for talking like this in an attempt to come across powerful or cool. I have attached the other screenshots from that conversation as some context too. Against, whilst not proof of my innocence, it does provide more context.

The reason that he was checking with me and said ‘should we be doing this’ is because we were doing it behind his best friend’s back, who was an ex-lover of mine and who I was feeling angry and hurt by. He was doing the right thing by me by checking that we were both okay with moving forward.

He and I had a sexual relationship over several months and every time, it was consensual. He has no desire to get caught up in this sordid mess at this stage and wishes to remain out of it and anonymous so therefore he cannot corroborate my story. This is, however, the truth. Right now I am moving forward with my life.

I’ve always worked in the mental health and disability space and I will not let false accusations stop me from continuing to help people. I’ve moved home with my parents and am spending the time improving myself so that I can be a better friend, artist, and carer.

This matter is now in the hands of the authorities and I won’t be making any further comments on the matter.”

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