LIMBS Release “Spirit Breaker” Music Video


Floridian post-hardcore band LIMBS have released a music video for their new single “Spirit Breaker“. The band’s vocalist Austin McAuley said of his lyrical inspiration for the track:

“These words are a look inward to the personal loss I can’t seem to escape. From grandparents, my father, friends and even pets, it’s a looming feeling that I can’t shake off. I’m always worried about what’s going to come next and it fuels my anxiety to an uncontrollable degree. After losing so much in such a short time, I have times mentally, where I become numb to the thought of losing someone or something else.”

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As McAuley  further revealed, a final conversation he had with a childhood friend prior to their passing away from an overdose also heavily influenced the track:

“The song follows our last conversation before his death, shifting between my friend’s dialogue and my own feelings of being unable to rescue him from his addiction. The narrative reaches a breaking point when I reflect on his passing, overwhelmed with guilt by feeling like I could have done more to save him.

Ultimately, it provides a moment of clarity for me, showing that nothing in this life is permanent and we can only do so much to help the ones we love. In the end, we become powerless to a situation where the other person doesn’t even want to save themselves.”

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