Korn's Jonathan Davis

Here’s What Song Jonathan Davis Would Recommend To A First Time Korn Listener


With their fourteenth album “Requiem” having newly arrived today (February 04th) and another album already taking shape, the nü-metal kingpins in Korn have no shortage of songs to choose from. But there’s one key track which the band’s frontman Jonathan Davis would recommend for those newly being introduced to the outfit’s music: the hit single “Freak On A Leash” from their 5x multi-platinum 1998 album “Follow The Leader“.

Speaking with Revolver for their ‘Point Of Entry’ series, Davis ultimately settled upon that track, which remains the Bakersfield, CA outfit’s most popular to date, racking up nearly 270 million streams on Spotify alone as of press time.

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Davis commented:

“There’s so many different eras. I don’t know. Definitely I would tell them to listen to the first record. You got the first Korn record, and then you got maybe ‘Follow the Leader‘ — that’s when we were starting to do some different [things]. There’s so many different variations of this band. [Laughs] And then ‘See You On The Other Side‘, when we were going proggy and weird, working with the Matrix and shit. And then we got ‘The Path Of Totality‘, which is working with the DJs, and then ‘The Nothing‘ and then this new shit now. It’s hard. One song? Probably ‘Freak On A Leash‘. That’s the one everyone wants to hear anyway. [Laughs]”


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