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Hear Greg Puciato (Ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan, Etc.) Guest On New Carpenter Brut Track “Imaginary Fire”


Darksynth artist Carpenter Brut is heralding the April 01st release of his upcoming new album “Leather Terror” with the premiere of a new single from it. That song, “Imaginary Fire“, finds Greg Puciato (The Black Queen/ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) providing guest vocals and is available to stream via the below music video.

Puciato commented of the collaboration:

“My buddy and bandmate Ben Koller [Converge, Killer Be Killed, Mutoid Man] linked Carpenter Brut and myself. Peak excitement for me about this one. CB and I were already very familiar with, and fans of, each other’s work, so he sent me the instrumental, and I wrote the vocals, and that was that.

Straight to the point, no real crazy process with this one. Here’s the music. Okay cool, here are the vocals to that music. Done. It came out really fast, one of the faster ones ever, for me at least, very lightning in a bottle feeling overall, where the melodies and phrasings and lyrics all sorta come through at once, in a really quick stream of consciousness burst.

That’s a special thing that doesn’t happen too often, and you hope that it somehow now and then keeps happening. One-off collaborations are great because you can really just focus all of your energy on one track; not an album, not a band, not ten songs on your fifth album, just one singular song-length intersection.

I’m really proud of this one, happy to cross these musical paths. I love how the video turned out too. Lyrically the song is pretty to the point. Two people frustratingly trying to get rid of their fears and their made-up bullshit so they can move forward, together or separate, free of outcome.”

Puciato himself is planning a June release for his next solo album “Mirrorcell“.

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