Reunited Deadguy Planning To Write New Music


Reunited pioneering metalcore outfit Deadguy are planning to attempt to work on new material sometime in the not too distant future. The group’s last proper output was 1996’s “Screamin’ With The Deadguy Quintet“, which itself isn’t particularly revered due to the key lineup changes it featured.

Guitarist Keith Huckins was interviewed by the RRBG Podcast at last month’s ‘Decibel Magazine Metal & Beer Fest: Los Angeles‘ and was asked if they had nay plans for new songs. He responded:

“We’re gonna try it… Just because, Deadguy mark I put out two 7 inches and an album, and that’s it. And we don’t particularly care for everything, so we’ve really got 40 minutes worth of music, that’s it. So… we don’t wanna get bored just playing the same old set over and over again. We’re gonna try it and we’re gonna try to be respectful to what it was…”

2021 saw Deadguy enjoy a renaissance of sorts, with their “Fixation On A Co-Worker” era lineup live reunion shows marking their first performances in roughly 25 years. Those shows coincided with the premiere of their documentary film, ‘Deadguy: Killing Music‘.

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