Travis Ryan Of Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation’s Travis Ryan Voiced Several Characters For New ‘Transformers: The Movie’ Toyline Video Series


Cattle Decapitation vocalist Travis Ryan got to relive his childhood earlier this year, voicing the villainous characters Unicron‘and Galvatron from the Transformers franchise. Ryan also lent his voice to several other characters for a series of vignettes to promote Hasbro Pulse‘s new line of toys celebrating the 35th anniversary of 1986’s animated big screen adaptation of the then ‘Transformers‘ TV series, ‘Transformers: The Movie‘.

The Cattle Decapitation camp commented:

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“Earlier this year our vocalist Travis Ryan entered Deep End Music Studios in Burbank, CA with some cast and creators of the legendary Transformers: The Movie from 1986 to voice several characters for a series of shorts films to celebrate the new line of toys from that film. These short films played recently in theaters across America before the showing of the 35th anniversary of Transformers: The Movie.

In early 2021, Ryan was contacted to voice the legendary character so near and dear to him for some stop-motion animation vignettes featuring the toys and characters he grew up with. Along with ‘Unicron,’ he also voiced ‘Galvatron,’ one of ‘The Sweeps’ and one of the ‘Quintesson Judges.’ Orson Wells’ character ‘Unicron’ from the original Transformers cartoon movie was one of the early inspirations for Ryan’s guttural vocal style. The frontman explains, “When I first got into Carcass and realized Bill Steer sounded a lot like Unicron, I started singing as low as I could. I was also listening to bands like Broken Hope and Cannibal Corpse but I still cite Unicron as being a big, probably the first, inspiration for my gutteral vocals.”

Recently, the Unicron vignette was released online as a segment of an online toy event. In this short, Ryan voices Unicron as well as one of the Quintesson Judges, along with other renown voice talent such as John Moschitta (Guiness Book of Worlds Records holder for fastest talking man in the world) and Gregg Berger (Grimlock).

“I got to attend the screening in Beverly Hills with members of the original cast, [musician] Stan Bush whose song “The Touch” was featured in the film, and Vince DiCola, the composer of the soundtrack, which is one of my favorites of all time,” Ryan tells REVOLVER Magazine. “That day and that voiceover experience will go down as some of the top coolest stuff I’ve ever had the fortune of being a part of.”


1. The Quintesson Judges (Travis Ryan, Gregg Berger, John Moschitta Jr., Francis Ausley) create Unicron (Travis Ryan) and expect him to do their bidding. But the world-eating, transforming planet answers to nobody and has other plans in mind…

2. Hot Rod (Francis Ausley) clumsily drops the Matrix Of Leadership during the scene where he’s supposed to use it to “light our darkest hour”. The Matrix breaks, infuriating the director (John Moschitta Jr) and he blames it on Galvatron (Travis Ryan)…

3. Galvatron’s minions The Sweeps (Travis Ryan, Gregg Berger, Francis Ausley) and Scourge (John Moschitta Jr) arrive on planet Junkeon to destroy Ultra Magnus and retrieve the Matrix Of Leadership. Instead they end up arguing over the long-debated scene from the 1986 film where Unicron clearly creates two Cyclonuses when only one Cyclonus appears later, which begs the question… which one ended up being the Cyclonus that ended up staying in the series? Bombshell? or Skywarp?…

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