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David Draiman Says Disturbed Will Be Going “Old School” With Their Upcoming EP: “It’s Sounding Somewhere Between ‘The Sickness’ And ‘Ten Thousand Fists'”


According to the band’s frontman David Draiman, the next release from the multi-platinium Chicago heavy metal outfit will be a 5-6 song EP. At the moment, studio sessions for it are expected to commence next year. Draiman recently spoke with Revolver of how that is coming along.

When asked about the music itself, he replied:

“We’ve come up with some unbelievable new material that is just pummeling and rhythmic and aggressive and anthemic and poly-syncopated — Disturbed 101, everything people fell in love with us for in the first place. It has really been a wonderful past couple of weeks, especially after two years of being apart, not being able to really create. You can create over Zoom or some shit like that but it’s not the same, that inspiration in the moment in front of each other — the magic, energy and electricity that occurs — nothing really compares to it. It was a welcome rush back into the system. Fucking amazing. It’s sounding somewhere between ‘The Sickness‘ and ‘Ten Thousand Fists‘, for sure.”

Replying to why the band have felt inspired to return to their roots on this release, he replied:

“I missed the old-school stuff. We had this amazing breakthrough with ‘The Sound Of Silence.’ We tried delving a little bit deeper into that pool of water with ‘Evolution‘ for half the record. I enjoyed the hell out of all the balladry. I dug my teeth into it. It was nice to be able to use different textures and take my voice to different places and to have a different dynamic to the [live] set where there’s highs and lows.

At one moment we had a sea of people in a mosh pit, and the next moment people are bawling their eyes out. It became a necessary addition to our repertoire. But given the tumult of the past couple of years and everything all of us have been feeling, when the guys asked me where I wanted to go, I didn’t hesitate for a minute: We gotta go old school. We’ve got to go back to where we came from.”

As for the decision to not do a full-length album, he offered:

“…I’m determined to not put a full album out. We put all of our heart and soul into every single song we create. And to write 10 songs for three of them to get worked at radio and recognized and remembered by the fans, and then for the other seven to sit on a shelf collecting dust — why? There’s no point in that anymore. So for the next couple, it’ll be about five or six tracks at a time.

We live in a society and environment now where people consume things bit by bit. You can’t fight it. And as much as I selfishly appreciate the concept album or telling an entire story, I can’t force that on people who don’t want to accept it. I’m okay with each individual song telling its own story at this point, and just accepting things as they are.”

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