Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda Releases His Generative NFT Mixtape “Ziggurats”


Linkin Park vocalist, guitarist, etc. Mike Shinoda has released his new composition “Ziggurats“. The song emerges as the audio portion of a ‘generative NFT mixtape’, more details for which can be found over at Clocking in at 6:45, the audio portion is actually several tracks paired in one, it runs as follows:

01 – “Genius Bar
02 – “Richard Bachman
03 – “Cheat Codes
04 – “Ctrl C Ctrl V

Shinoda commented:

“I’m thrilled to see all the beautiful #ZIGGURATS out in the world an in people’s Twitter profiles. Thank you. A couple notes below, about variety, identity, and community. To see and hear all the variety in the pieces, the best place to go is One thing I hadn’t mentioned before is: while making the art, I loved mixing and matching bodies and faces to create different identities. They can read as male, female, non-binary…whatever you think they look like, that’s what they are.

There, you can shop for one that speaks to you and fits in your price range. Or, if you’re not interested in buying, you can just browse to collection and enjoy the art. This way, I hoped to allow different people to buy something that spoke to them in a way that other collections hadn’t. I also decided to make the skin colors non-human, so that human race didn’t apply. All of those things said, I hope you got something you connected with, and I hope you enjoy the project. Make sure to use it as your profile pictures!”


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