Wes Scantlin Of Puddle Of Mudd

Puddle Of Mudd’s Wes Scantlin Walks Offstage Mid-Show After Taking Issue With Venue Lighting


Puddle Of Mudd vocalist/guitarist Wes Scantlin added another incident to his history of erratic onstage (and offstage) behavior this past weekend. During the band’s concert at the EPIC Event Center in Green Bay, WI this past Saturday, November 20th, Scantlin took issue with the venue’s lighting. A concert attendee uploaded the below footage of that, which saw Scantlin shielding his eyes from the lights, stating the following from the stage:

“I don’t know why the lights have to be blinding me for this whole show. Now I can see all you people. But if you guys were standing up here where I’m at right now, it’s like a fucking flashlight blinking in your fucking head, and I don’t think that’s fucking cool, really.”

It would appear the band were relying on the services of the venue’s own staff for lighting as Scantlin was later heard saying: “Sounds like a fucking motherfucking idiot to me. Fuck you, motherfucker. Out of nowhere, here’s another fucking douchebag fuck. I’ve got a flashlight too, motherfucker.” Scantlin is said to have walked offstage after the fourth song during this aforementioned performance.


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