GoFundMe Launched For New Taproot Album


Taproot frontman Stephen Richards has been spearheading a seventh studio album from the band over the past year or so and is now seeking some financial assistance from fans to help complete the project. To that end, he has launched this GoFundMe to raise $10,000 for the record.

He commented:

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“Hey guys, this isn’t how I wanted to do it but.. With bills/Studio/Mastering/Production/Guest potentials/Promotion/Filing /Registrations and Finalizing approaching blah blah blah, I have to reach out for sum help I guess.

The worst part to keep in mind is that this is NOT for a purchase of the new record, just to help me wrap this project up as soon as possible (which sucks, I hate this). If I don’t meet this goal, I totally understand and will still continue on to try to figure this process out either way, so please just do what you can or want to.

I think you will love the new 11 tunes (or most of them anyways haha). It’s probably gonna sound like garbage lol, but has been a lot of fun doing everything myself so far and having you along with me on the ride. I appreciate all of your guys’ support for so many years, and I love staying in touch with you all on social media and sharing my progress through videos (and random “live” streams) and enjoy the positive emotions and stories you all share with me in return over the years.

There are way more important stories on this platform that need help as well, I’m just looking for some aid if ya can (insert stupid Steve joke here..), especially with Christmas around the corner.. In which I’ll likely be selling the record for more money by then hahaha”

Richards has regularly been posting previews of songs he has been working on in recent months via his here.

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