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Al Jourgensen Reveals His Ten Favorite Ministry Songs


Speaking recently with Metal Hammer to promote his band’s newly released album “Moral Hygiene“, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen recently revealed his own personal 10 favorite tracks Ministry have put out over the course of their roughly four-decade career. That list can be found below, while Jourgensen‘s reasoning for each pick can be found over at this location.

Alert Level” (“Moral Hygiene“)

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“That’s a new one and not just because I’m a promo-sexual and want to promote my new record Moral Hygiene, but I actually think the song is really good. This is number one on my list because we are at alert level now and people should start taking this seriously.

Between that and the quarantine, you can’t be selfish anymore, you have to do what’s good for the community of all of us on this planet as opposed to doing what’s best for you in that immediate moment; whether it’s getting vaccinated or not giving a crap and not separating your garbage and littering, or driving too much with a gas-powered car. We’re now at a point in society that I think we really need to take this seriously.

As soon as I could, I got double jabbed and I wear my mask everywhere. I remember we played in Japan in 1993 and four out of 10 people walking down the streets in Tokyo were wearing masks, I’d never seen that before.

It really hit home early last year when I went into my bank and everyone was wearing masks, it looked almost like a Salvador Dali painting. People in masks in a bank? Doesn’t that usually mean there’s a robbery in progress? Which one’s carrying a gun and which one has hostages? That’s when I knew this shit was real, it freaked me out and I was like, ‘This is fucking balls-out weird, man.’”

The Last Sucker” (“The Last Sucker“)

Nursing Home” (“Dark Side Of The Spoon“)

Supermanic Soul” (“Dark Side Of The Spoon“)

Just One Fix” (“Psalm 69“)

LiesLiesLies” (“Rio Grande Blood“)

Thieves” (“The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste“)

“I’ve chosen this one because I’ve never had that many blisters on my hands from playing guitar on that song. It was brutal and that was long before you could put it in Pro Tools and autocorrect it; this is back in the days of tape and you had to get it right and I was the only guitar player there, so that one was pretty intense.”

Twilight Zone” (“AmeriKKKant“)

The Land Of Rape And Honey” (“The Land Of Rape And Honey“)

The Fall” (“Filth Pig“)

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