Dead Crown

Dead Crown Drop Off Attila Tour In Response To “Countless Death Threats”, Get Called Out By Dying Wish’s Emma Boster


Dead Crown have announced that they have exited Attila‘s ongoing ‘The Day Drinking Tour‘ with Jynx in the wake of various threats made their way in recent weeks. The band addressed the matter in a statement issued today, October 01st.

Here’s how it reads:

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“To all Dead Crown fans/family across the world.

It is absolutely heartbreaking for us to announce that we made a group decision to drop off the Day Drinking Tour with Attila & Jynx.

Over the last few nights, we have received countless death threats, threats on our van/trailer and belongings, phone calls to our day jobs attempting to get us fired, and spammed calls to venues/promoters attempting to get us removed from the shows. These isolated but targeted attacks have been brought forth by the misinterpretation of our song’s lyrics on a social media platform.

While these comments may have been bluffs, we decided to the risk wasn’t worth the additional stress on tour of touring itself.

The safety and experience of our fans is our first priority, and second to that comes our own safety and mental health. This was a horrifying decision to have to make for us, as we’ve worked extremely hard to get this point to just to have to back out.

As it stands right now, we will be gathering ourselves at home and decompressing. We truly hope you understand this decision, and apologize to all of you who wanted to see us perform. Thank you for your ongoing support of Dead Crown.”

The song in question that they reference is their latest single “No Remorse“. Some have taken the inspiration for the lyrics as being in response to the allegations of domestic violence that were made against the band’s drummer Bryton Wilson last fall. Wilson Initially stepped down from the band in the wake of them being made public.

Following the aforementioned single’s release last week. Dead Crown attempted to diffuse the situation by issuing a since deleted statement, which in part read:

“It’s been brought to our attention that some people have misinterpreted the lyrical content to our song ‘No Remorse‘. The song is about people attacking others on the internet with a complete disregard for human empathy. ‘No Remorse‘ seeks to portray social media toxicity as a whole.

We aimed to exemplify the very disregard for humanity that we have become sickened by. We wanted to heavily exaggerate that energy and convey a perspective that represented it at its worst. This song has nothing to do with any specific person, or any group of people, it is our frustration with society, expressed purely in a figurative light. We take the idea of suicide seriously and in no way do the lyrics intend to cause harm to anyone….”

Dying Wish vocalist Emma Boster has been among those publicly criticizing the band on social media in the wake of the aforementioned song, stating in part:

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